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Petite PWR Premium

Lose fat, boost the petite metabolism, get toned and confidently create your most powerful body and your most powerful you in just 12 weeks (without doing cardio, restricting or giving up your favorite foods)


6 monthly payments of $249

Everything You Get When You Enroll Today

📲 Group Onboarding Call with April to get set up for success

🪄 1-1 Messaging & Support with your dedicated success coach

🙌  3 Monthly Group Coaching Calls with dedicated success coach 

🎥  Call Recordings so you don’t need to worry about missing them

💪 12-Week Fitness Plan (at home & gym versions) made for petites

🥗 PFF Meal Plans, Recipe Library & Grocery Lists all done-for-you

🔑 Custom Macros calculated monthly & targeted to you personally

📧 Monthly Email Consultations with dedicated success coach

📚 12-Week Online Course all about the petite body type

👯‍♀️ Exclusive Community connect with like-minded petite women 

BONUS #1: 3 Months Free PWRhouse with a $49/mo subscription after 12 weeks, cancel anytime

BONUS #2: Nutrition For Petites E-Book to burn fat without restriction

BONUS #3: Lifetime Community Access, moderated by experts

30-Day, 100% Guarantee (Terms Apply)

Lifetime Access, Including Updates

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12 Week Advanced Program

12 Week Online Course Curriculum

12 Pre-Recorded Workshops

Advanced nutrition concepts such as Carb Cycling for Petites

Lifetime Access, Including Updates

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30 Days, 100% Money Back Guarantee

With our 30-day money-back guarantee, you don’t have to worry about making an investment into another program that won’t work. If you give the program an in-good-faith effort and still aren’t satisfied in the first 30 days, we’ll give you a refund. Read the full Terms & Conditions here.

Book A Free Consultation Call

Book a free call with Petite PWR Founder & Head Coach April Whitney or another member of the team. During the call, April will help you figure out if Petite PWR Premium is a good fit for you, and if it is, she’ll be happy to welcome you into the program. The call is a no-nonsense conversation to help you make the decision that is best for you.

Is Petite PWR Premium Right For You?

Petite PWR Premium is for any woman 5’4″ and shorter who is ready to lose fat, get toned, and feel strong, confident and powerful in her petite frame.


The short woman (of any body shape or weight) who is ready to take control of her health and wellness

The petite woman who wants to feel powerful, confident & strong in her skin

The petite woman looking for a lifestyle, not a quick fix

The petite woman who is sick of not seeing results and is ready to learn how to exercise and eat for her body type

The petite woman who is ready to stop dieting and start doing things the healthy & sustainable way


Anyone looking for a quick fix

Anyone not interested in getting healthier and feeling stronger


All of the materials inside Petite PWR Premium are yours to keep forever. This includes access to the platform (and any additions and improvements), support group, workout program, video training modules and Petite PWR Premium video library. You can repeat the program any time you like for continued results. The only element you will not have after your 90 days are the group calls and 1-1 coaching.


As an alum of Petite PWR Premium, you will be able to repeat the program any time you like, accessing the private Facebook support group as you go through your 2nd, 3rd and even 4th rounds. This is great to have available to you if you ever want to repeat Petite PWR Premium with support, get in shape for an event, or just get back on track with a healthy lifestyle and accountability.

Big Results From Small (& Powerful) Women 

Maggie, 5’3”

Lost 25lbs

“April’s approach is totally science-based, and she explains WHY we did every single move. I honestly cannot say enough good things about her—she was motivating, empowering, knowledgeable, and just fun! A few days after we finished my program, I was in my best friend’s wedding, and people couldn’t stop commenting on my “Petite PWR arms!”

Saryn , 5’3”

Lost 4lbs & body recomposition

“I ate around 1850 calories a day, gained quite a bit of muscle, and I STILL went from 120 lbs to 116.8 lbs during the 12 weeks. Major success! Measurement-wise, I am smaller all over. I can tell a distinct difference in my stomach (which is an area I really wanted to work on)!”

Jennie , 5’1”

Lost 45lbs

“For the first time in a long time, I felt like food didn’t control me. I also saw a big change physically. My main goal was to lose weight/fat— throughout the 12 weeks in Petite PWR I dropped 10 pounds! April’s approach to nutrition is very sustainable. It took me out of the crash-diet mentality and into a healthy relationship with food.”

Yana, 5’0”

Lost 8lbs

“My first transformation was mental. I stopped berating myself over my eating habits, over doing or not doing exercise, and focused on what I WAS doing that day. With my physical transformation, I honestly didn’t realize how grand the difference was until I saw the photos side by side!”

Suzette 5’2”

Lost 15lbs in 12 weeks

“I’m so excited to see my transformation! It has been challenging with a busy work schedule and limited time, but I have more energy and confidence that I somehow lost over the past several years. I’ve lost 2 inches in my waist and have more defined arms and thighs.”

Catherine, 5’0”

Lost 13lbs in 12 weeks

“Working with April, I have seen so many positive changes in my outlook and mindset, being a petite person. My metabolism is up and my relationship with food has improved for the better – it is no longer an internal struggle when I’m enjoying a meal out with friends. I’ve lost weight, increased muscle definition, slimmed my waistline, and improved my strength.”

Powerful Results

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